We love making all types of films. Each production has different challenges.  While the majority of our work is television commercials and corporate films, we are also very proud of our drama productions.

Children’s TV Series – Bobbie The Bear

A delightful live action animated interstitial series following the adventures of Bobbie, a lovely lavender bear and his farm friends. Bobbie is very cute, resourceful & inquisitive bear who solves any problem that comes his way.

Set on a stunning lavender farm, Bobbie and his friends – including a Tasmanian Tiger, Tasmanian Devil, Owl, Bug and Bees explore the world around them in fun-filled adventures.

The first season of Bobbie The Bear is currently being distributed worldwide by ABC Commercial and is also available on iTunes Australia.

A Whole New You

Derek, an office worker, goes about his duties with dedication, yet is almost invisible to all.  Even the receptionist dismisses him as worthless.  The key to making his mark comes in the form of a flyer:  a self-help guru promising “A Whole New You.”

He can’t resist…and a week later, fired up by the guru’s words, Derek arrives at work with unexpected results.

This short film won finalist in several prestigious short film festivals including Portland International Short Film Festival as well as the Best of Decade Award in the Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival.

Barely Visible

Lynda has organised a surprise party for her husband.  His drunken arrival…attempting to have sex with a woman half his age… is not what all anticipated.

The Australian Film Industry Awards nominated this short film for Best Screenplay. It was also finalist in many respected film festivals including the NYC, L.A and San Francisco Short Film Festivals.

Dying Breed

The noble search for a dying breed leads an ambitious zoologist to the discovery of a far more sinister species in this brutal Australian shocker featuring Leigh Whannell (Saw) and Nathan Phillips (Wolf Creek). Eight years ago, Zoology student Nina (Mirrah Foulkes)’s sister was searching for evidence of the elusive Tasmanian Tiger when she suddenly vanished without a trace.

Before disappearing, however, she did manage to send her sister a mysterious paw print that seemed to suggest that the species was still flourishing somewhere in the vast Australian wilderness.